Pull Up Pants for Adults

Pull up pants for adults are a type of diaper that can be worn by any adult experiencing urinary incontinence, no matter their age or gender. While urinary leakage may be commonly associated with older adults, many younger men and women may experience it too. This is usually attributed to having weak pelvic floor muscles, an overactive bladder, nerve damage or diabetes. Under TENA Singapore’s adult diaper collection, our incontinence pants are made to be easily slipped on just like underwear, providing maximum coverage against leaks all day long. This allows independent users to go about living an active life comfortably and confidently. Simply measure your waist and browse our sizes to select the most optimal fit for you. Our range of pull up pants keeps you feeling secure with moderate to heavy absorbency options. With FeelDry Advanced™ technology, our products are carefully designed to prevent urinary leakages while keeping you nice and dry. Our pants are also dermatologically approved by the Skin Health Alliance, ensuring softness and breathability for your skin. Looking to try our selection of pull up pants for adults? Request a free sample today!

Incontinence Pants

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TENA Pants Normal | Incontinence pants

Protection for medium to heavy urine leakage that fits just like underwear