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Different liquids need different protective products.

Urinary is more common than many people think. In fact, among women over 50, one in three experience and the leaks that go with it. So if it happens to you, you’re far from alone. 
Many people use regular sanitary pads to deal with incontinence. That’s unfortunate, because there’s a big difference between blood and urine, which means sanitary pads for incontinence isn’t adequate. Menstrual charge is heavier and comes out more slowly, while urine is more fluid and comes out in larger quantities, which means that a more rapid absorbency is needed. 
Our incontinence products in the TENA Women range are developed specifically to tackle the unique properties of urine. They absorb leaks at an impressive speed, pull moisture away from the body and trap the odour inside of the core. And unlike some of feminine hygiene products that contain deodorants, our pH absorbent materials do more than just mask the odour – they help neutralize it.